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Fog Cutter Creamer

New Year, New Things: Start With Fog Cutter Creamer

At Redemption Roads, we support a little daily indulgence, but not at the expense of our health goals. Redemption Road Fog Cutter Creamer is here to bring you your daily dose of cozy, with Fall flavors that are sure to warm your heart and fuel your day. Our Fog Cutter Creamers are made with all-natural, high-protein ingredients to help kickstart your coffee break. Learn more about our flavor profiles, as well as some tips and tricks for incorporating Fog Cutter Creamer into your autumn wellness routine! A good way to make up for an off day where you are feeling down or unable to fit in your workout, our superfood creamers are an amazing and quick way for you to incorporate a protein packed treat into your day, whether it be in the morning or at night.
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Fog Cutter Creamer Means Plant-Based Productivity

We believe in Plant-Based, Better-for-You Foods for the Journey, Wherever it Takes You. Welcome to Redemption Road.

We would like to introduce you to our Fog Cutter Creamer, or superfood creamer if you will, that is jam packed with nutrients and flavors that you both love and need. Not only does it have these amazing attributes, but it is also plant based! What does that mean? 

It is also free of dairy which is FANTASTIC for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant or have dairy allergies. Have you been wanting to explore different diets? Well now is your time to slowly and gradually dip your toes into this new life...easy, delicious, and with things you know!

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Meet Fog Cutter Creamer: Functional, Nutritious, and Delicious

Let’s talk Fog Cutter Creamer!

Our powdered coffee creamer and beverage mixes are loaded with health benefits to provide you with added nutrition whenever you crave a cup of coffee or tea.

Each serving has 8 grams of protein to fuel you for the rest of the day, whether you’re on your laptop all day or physically out and about, everyone needs some Fog Cutter Creamer. It’s free of dairy, gluten, added sugars and artificial sweeteners. We believe in Plant-Based, Better-for-You Foods made easy. Plant-forward eating is not just a trend but super good for you and the environment. It can be a lifestyle but it can also be for anyone who is willing to try it out, and the best way to start is through finding yummy plant-based products you can count on! There’s no commitment and you’d be surprised by how good plant-based ingredients are in replacing your everyday cream and sugar. Our beverage mixes and Fog Cutter Creamers come in single-serving stick packs and one pound bags. Each box comes with 15 stick packs that are easy to take with you to add to any coffee or beverage of choice! To ensure maximum coffee enjoyment, you can carry what you count on, bringing Fog Cutter Creamer packets everywhere you go! 

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