About our team.... – Redemption Road Foods

About our team....

Our team here at Redemption Road Foods has over 125 years of combined food manufacturing experience. Our passion is being innovative and having our finger on the pulse of the consumer. 

We are committed to training our staff and keeping our standards of Quality Control to a very high level, therefore, all of our management team are HACCP and FSPCA Certified. 

Our R & D team are Cornell University graduates trained in product development. We also have a Cordon Bleu chef on our product development team!  We stress continued education for all of our team and we have scheduled training to keep everyone up to date on all the FDA; OSHA; and Government requirements.

Several members of our team have been IFT mentors over the years and we all stay current on industry trends. 

We have a group of highly respected professionals on our advisory board including an RN that is a social media advisor for the World Health Organization; a CIA graduate Chef;  a registered dietician; a medical doctor, and two chemists- all there to support our team and the products we produce. 

We are working on being SQF Certified by Q2-2022.